Ron Ettelman – Reviews

“Ron Ettelman “Catalytic Conversion of Saint Sebastian” “… ambition, unabashed boldness and confidence in pursuing an unapologetically personal vision — transgressive, challenging, requires time to fully absorb and displays uncommon virtuosity with regard to materials. An inventive altarpiece to St. Sebastian, boisterous icon…”

“Grew on me over the course of many hours of looking at the entire exhibition… kept calling me back.”

Robert Cozzolino
Senior Curator of Modern Art
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA.
From Juror’s statement, 49th Annual Lancaster Museum of Arts “Open Awards Exhibit” – 2011. 1st place.


“Ron Ettelman’s awareness of man’s major, but constantly trampled upon position in the scheme of things, comes across in “Pie In The Face Of Reason”.

Victoria Donohue
Art Critic
Philadelphia Inquirer
From Juror’s statement, 47th Annual Lancaster Museum of Art “Open Awards Exhibit” – 2009.


“Unlike so many fine artists with personal creative vision, Ron’s is infused naturally with a mix of passion for editorial and visual language. Ron’s creative thought process comes from a deeply personal place.”

James V. Freeman
Artist, Musician


“Ron’s creative images are spectacular. He is traveling into a visual realm where no one has gone before”.

Ken Hoak
Artist, President Emeritus & Curator
Conestoga Area Historical Society